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Tips for KIDS

Give Your Kids the Gift of Exercise!!

Exercise will help your kids develop healthy habits, it will give them confidence, and if you do it together it helps build your relationship with them! 
Give your kids the gift of exercise! 
There are so many overweight children in our nation. This leads to low confidence, poor choices, low self esteem, and health problems. 
I use exercise in a variety of ways in my home:
We do yoga DVD's together. 
We go on run/walks together. 
We do circuit training together where we play follow the leader with an interval timer. 
We also do the wii Just Dance video game together which really gets us sweating! 
My kids also love to put on the boxing gloves and punch and kick away!! 
My kids will run laps in our cul de sac to earn video game time. 

I also let  my kids choose exercise consequences for each other when they are disrespectful to each other. Burpees and push ups are usually the number one choices. 
We have had so much fun together with exercise, that my four yr old cries when he can't go on a run with me. LOL Develop an environment in your home where exercise becomes a habit and teach them why it is important to maintain good health. My kids have their own playlist that we blast as we workout together as well! Add family exercise to your routine, you will never regret it. Small Changes lead to Big Results!

"Ninja Natalies Healthy Spy Mission" Children's Book

 A children's book that encourages kids to eat healthy.
A FREE e-book for you to enjoy with your kids.
 Also includes great tips for parents at the end. Opens great in ibooks.

Healthy Tip for you and your Family

Small Changes, Big Results
I often put out fresh trays, like this one, during meals where the kids can feel "in control" of their choices.
They love this and it encourages them to eat the rainbow!
It is important to make eating healthy fun. Teach your kids to count how many different colors are on their plate. The more colors the healthier their body! They will carry these little lessons with them throughout their life! Be a good example of living healthy and they will take notice! I have vegetable and fruit trays out pretty much all day in the summer. 
Live Fit, Lose Weight, Build Muscle, Focus on Small Changes

Nutrition Tip for kids as well as weight loss!!

We have Smoothie "appetizers" before our meals to ensure our kids get the proper nutrients from vegetables they don't want to eat. 
This is one of my families favorite smoothies!! 
 1/2 the bag of that yo plait triple berry smoothie, 
1 cup of spinach, 
1 scoop of whey protein, 
1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 Tablespoon of milled Flax seed 
Blend and enjoy or pour in popsicle molds and freeze!
My 3yr old begged me for this this morning so this was his Bfast and then I poured the rest in Popsicle molds for all my kids after school. Yes, the "appetizer" can even be in the form of a popsicle. Teach your children the nutrition facts and model a healthy lifestyle. Small changes like this will help your weight loss efforts, lead to a healthy lifestyle, and trust me it is easy to learn. You just have to be willing to try!

Make Fitness Fun for Kids

MAKE FITNESS FUN! This is a picture of me in August of last year just after my 3rd baby turned 3 running with him as he and I were playing FOLLOW THE LEADER! I do many "boot camps" with my kids with this game. :)
Lead your children to healthy choices.

Make Eating Healthy Fun! Muscle Building Ring Pops!

Ring Pops make eating healthy fun, protein, spinach, wellness, MAKE EATING HEALTHY FUN!
My 3yr old made these "ring pops" last night for dessert!!
 Quote from my kids: "These are AWESOME" :) and yes they have spinach!
1 cup of unsweetened coconut milk
1 scoop of chocolate whey protein isolate
2 tablespoons of unsweetened Cocoa
1 cup of SPINACH
Add a little stevia to desired sweetness 
Blend & Pour into Popsicle molds and freeze. ENJOY! 

If you want to get fit fast, spur your children on to a healthy lifestyle, lose weight and be able to maintain it, you have to make eating healthy FUN & TASTY!
Experiment! Figure out what you enjoy with a focus on Nutrition Facts! And change your habits! 

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