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Tips for KIDS

Redefine Fast Food

When you have practices to get to for your kids and busy evenings make meals that do not require cooking.
Fast Food redefined. Eat Colorful!
This is our "Chef Salad" fast food meal :) Various Vegetables, Strawberries, Ham, Walnuts, Blue Cheese (made with Raw Milk), Guacamole, Hard Boiled Eggs, and spinach leaves! Yum!! Choose Health and plan your meals!!
Fast Food, Redefine, Freak of Nature Fitness, Live Fit, Eat Clean, Healthy Recipes, Lose Weight

Healthy Tip for Kids

I have been getting several PMs about how I feed my kids/healthy ideas etc so I will keep posting when I can. One big thing I do is put out stuff like this on a lazy Susan and let them choose raw fruits & vegetables. This presentation makes them feel "in control", like they are choosing instead of you loading up their plates. 
Live Fit, Eat Healthy, Habits, Healthy KIds, Happy KIds, Tips for Kids, Freak of Nature, Wellness, Eat Colorful

Empower your Kids to Live Healthy

My youngest (4yrs old) and I had a great bike ride, workout, & smoothie this morning! It is so amazing when you see your kids become empowered & confident. I showed him a couple things, but he mainly set up the workout/circuit. 
He also made the smoothie! 
He chose almond milk, protein powder, 2 strawberries, 1 kiwi, a few blueberries, & spinach. I added a tiny bit of stevia to make sure it was sweet enough for him. 
Give your kids the gift of healthy habits!!!
Raising Healthy Kids, Nutrition, Exercise, Kids Fitness, Empower the Younger Generation, Fit Kids, Wellness

Have Fun with Food

Give your child the gift of healthy eating habits!  
Healthy Eating For Kids, Get Fit, Wellness, Nutrition Facts, Motivation, Vegetables

My Kids Dinner & Fun with Food!

This is what my kids had for Dinner Tonight.
Freak of Nature Fitness, Healthy Recipes, Dinner Ideas, Kids, Eat Get Fit

Freak of Nature Fitness, Healthy Recipes, Dinner Ideas, Kids, Eat Get FitFreak of Nature Fitness, Healthy Recipes, Dinner Ideas, Kids, Eat Get Fit

I use the Ians Chicken Nuggets and Alpha Tots! 
I always try and have fun with the Fruit and Vegetables to get them interested! We made a pineapple boat and cut a red bell pepper and filled it with grape tomatoes! Give your the child the gift of health. They are forming their future habits now!

Watermelon Boat!!

It is my daughters birthday today and we made a Watermelon Boat. The kids will be making fruit kabobs at her party!
Watermelon Art, Freak of Nature Fitness, Get Fit, Healthy Recipes, Birthday ideas

Have Fun with Food! Fruit Olympic Rings

Make Eating Healthy Fun!
We made this in honor of the Olympics!

Olympics, Healthy Eating, Food Art, Nutrition Facts, Weight Loss, Get Fit

When you make healthy eating fun for your kids, they develop good habits that will last a lifetime.

Healthier Option For Cookies

Naturally Nora
Great alternative to traditional "boxed" baking ingredients. 
My kids love the Cookies, but their are brownies, and cake mixes to.
  • All-natural ingredients
  •  NO artificial colors,flavors or preservatives
  •  NO hydrogenated oils
Healthy Eating, Nutrition Facts, Freak of Nature Fitness, Get Fit, Healthy KidsThese are also wonderful to make at the beginning of the week to put in your kids lunch box! All you add is a stick of unsalted butter and 1 Egg.
Click on the picture and it will take you to their website to view their other products. I find them at HEB.

Watermelon Cake! Make Eating Healthy Fun!

My kids and I made this  "Watermelon Cake" and they LOVED it. 

Eating Healthy, Kids Health, Nutrition Facts, Food Art, Healthy Habits, Get Fit

Get creative and help your kids develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime!

Convenient Snacks for Kids

Sometimes you need convenient..Especially with Kids! Here are some snacks that my kids enjoy that do not contain all of the unhealthy preservatives and HFCS etc..Healthy Snacks, Health, Food, Clean Eating, Nutrition Facts, Healthy Family
Teach your kids about healthier choices. There are many that do taste good! 
This will develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime!! 
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