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Make Your Own Almond Milk

Living fit is about making daily choices that spur you on to health & your goals! 
What can you do to up your game this week? 
What do you eat daily that you can make healthier or change?
This is a pic of me making my almond milk for my smoothies this week. Now that I make my own almond milks it would be hard to go back to "store" bought because of all of the additives. 
I soak one cup of raw almonds in water in the fridge over night. 
Drain them...put them in my vitamix with 4 cups of water and then pour it through cheese cloth into my pitcher. 
I also usually add a little over 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla bean extract. 
You can add stevia or honey if you like. 
You can add stevia and Cocoa to make it chocolate flavored, cinnamon....etc etc. Experiment with your routine and get back to the old days and start making stuff from scratch! 
Your body and mind will thank you!
Home Made Almond MIlk, Lose Weight, Weight Loss, Nutrition Facts, Get Fit, Up your game, Tosha Fireston

My Colorful Lunch Today

This is what I had for lunch today! 
A delicious salad with avocado, rainbow carrots, broccoli sprouts, fermented cabbage & carrots, 2 hard boiled eggs and sea salt. 
Prepare your kitchen for success, eat colorful one ingredient foods that fill your body up with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, proteins, carbs, and probiotics. Your mind and your body will thank you. 
Health is wealth. Small Changes lead to Big Results.
Freak of nature fitness, Lunch ideas, Eat Clean, Nutrition, Live Fit, Weight Loss, Healthy Living, Foodie

Think that"PAM" No Stick Spray Isn't a Big Deal?

Think that PAM non-stick spray is no big deal?

Freak of Nature FItness, Pam Spray, GMO, Get FIt, Healthy Recipes, Wellness, Nutrition Facts(photo credit Food Warrior Network) 
Have you looked at the serving size? 1/4 second spray yields zero calories and fat! Nice marketing technique! Don't add unwanted chemicals and GMO fats to your food with these no stick sprays! Learn the Nutrition Facts! Canola oil and soybean oil are not friendly to your goals or health! Simple mistakes effect your weight loss goals. Make this small change!!

Nutrition facts, Freak of Nature Fitness, Non-Stick Spray, Wellness, Healthy RecipesNutrition Facts, Misto, Healthy Recipes, Get Fit, Freak of Nature Fitness, GMO

Just putting a small amount of organic coconut oil is the BEST option.
The MISTO  is also a good option. 
Click on the picture of the Misto for more info.
If you need more convenience than that, this coconut oil non-stick spray (pictured) works great as well. 

Healthy Dinners are Essential

What an awesome, busy day we have had. Just putting down dinner. Here are my kids plates. Copper River Salmon, steamed green beans, cantaloupe, & immaculate baking crescent rolls.
Eat Colorful. Eat Clean. Live Fit.
Freak of Nature Fitness, Nutrition, Health, Meal ideas, healthy kids, Live Fit

Eat Clean, Eat Coloful

A couple of our recent family dinners! 
We are eatin the rainbow up in here up in here! 
What's for dinner? Health is wealth!!
Eat Clean, Live Fit, Foodie, Freak of Nature Fitness, Family Dinner, Healthy Recipes, Lose WeightEat Clean, Live Fit, Foodie, Freak of Nature Fitness, Family Dinner, Healthy Recipes, Lose Weight

One of my Favorite, Quick, Eat Clean Lunches

One of my favorite quick lunches!!! Natural sea Skipjack Tuna! So happy to have found a company that has wild caught tuna & uses a BPA free liner. I talked to the company personally to make sure there is no MSG (almost ALL canned products contain MSG) 
I mix it with a bit of Raw Milk Greek yogurt. I'm uber spoiled bc I have a local farmer that makes me this yogurt....otherwise Fage is a suitable brand. Salt & pepper and sprinkle with veggies etc… 
Natural Sea, Live Fit, No MSG, BPA Free liner, Freak of Nature Fitness, Eat CleanFoodie, Healthy Recipes, Live Fit, Freak of Nature Fitness, Tuna, Fast healthy meals, Eat Clean, Lose Weight

Healthy Dinner Choice

Grass fed brisket, spinach leaves, broccoli sprouts, tomatoes, fermented veggies, avocado = eat clean happiness!!
Freak of Nature Fitness, Live Fit, Healthy Recipes, Eat Clean, Nutrition, Lose Weight, Brisket

Eat Clean ColeSlaw

Wanna get your kids & family to eat 1 1/2 lbs of organic raw cabbage, carrots, lemon, and apple cider vinegar!?! My family loves this ColeSlaw:
Approximately 1/4-1/2 cup of this Just Mayo
2 ounces or so of Apple Cider Vinegar
A squeeze of lemon and salt and pepper.
I just pour everything in the middle and mix. There are never any leftovers.
Eat Clean ColeSlaw, Freak of Nature Fitness, Healthy Recipes, Live Fit, Foodie, Non-GMO

Natural Pain Relievers

Arthritis, Natural Pain Relievers, Freak of Nature Fitness, Live Fit, Pain Free, Lose Weight, Gods Pharmacy

Educate yourself on God's Pharmacy

David Wolfe, Freak of Nature Fitness, Wellness, God's Pharmacy, Educate Yourself, Motivation
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