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Best Workout Exercises

The Turkish Get Up

The Turkish Get Up!!
One of my all time favorite workout moves. 
Dynamic Core Strengthening Exercise that requires all the muscles in the body working together!!
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Excellent Workout Move..The Turkish Get Up
Dynamic Core Strengthening Exercise that requires all the muscles in the body working together!! One of my all time favorite compound movements!
Always start with no weight whenever you are trying something new!! Get the form right first and always make sure that you complete the exercise on both sides of the body. I personally start with a 15 lb dumb bell and work through different sets up to a 30lb dumb bell. To make it harder try it with a kettle ball!  Get fit, lose weight, and increase your strength by adding Turkish get ups to your workouts!!
Small Changes, Big Results!!

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Ashes Remain-On My Own Lyrics
lyrics to good song.!!!

Excellent Ab Exercises

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Excellent Stretches

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Exercise your Core!

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Health Benefits of Swimming

Make Fitness Fun and a Lifestyle

Think about something you can do that is fun to change up your workout today! 
My kids and I have been having fun doing pool workouts this summer. Pictured are my two older kids and I doing "pull ups" Make fitness fun and a lifestyle!!! 
Have a blessed day!!
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Countdown Workout!

If you are having a low motivation day & just need to get started do a count down workout. It makes your brain participate and doesn't allow your thoughts to wonder. Also excellent for kids bc they need structure!!! Just do something!!!
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Excellent Exercise

This is a lot harder than it looks. Try it out without the stability ball first.
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Good Self Defense Info!

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A workout with my 10 yr old!!

My 10yr old and I just finished a great workout. My other 2 kids took a couple pics for me & played in the sand volleyball court. Pictured is us stretching and doing a stationary crab walk exercise. Great for your core & balance. 
Then I took 4 exercises burpees (with no push up), jumping jacks, push ups, and mountain climbers.... we did a stair step workout. 1 of each exercise sprint across the field, 2 of each exercise & sprint across the field, 3 of each exercise & sprint across the field...we did this until 10 reps of each exercise. 
Tosha Firestone, Freak of Nature, Best Workout Moves, Healthy Kids, Lose Weight, I love Jesus

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