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Best Workout Exercises

Excellent Core Exercise

A moving Boat pose with ball throw. Squeeze those abs!
Start with a beach ball and as your strength improves work your way up to a 10-15lb weighted ball. 
Tosha Firestone, Freak of Nature Fitness, Lose weight, Flat Abs, Core Exercises, Live Fit

Excellent Circuit Workout

Your Best workout moves, exercise, no excuses, Freak of Nature Fitness, Lose weight, Live Fit

Excellent Core Exercises

Freak of Nature fitness, Abdominal exercises, core exercise, your best workout, flat abs, bikini abs, get fit, Lose weight, Reduce Back pain

Important Stretch for Lower Back

This has proven to be an important lower back stretch for me personally.
Lower back pain, stretches, your best exercises, live Fit, Live Pain free, Workout, Change your life, Freak of nature fitness 

Awesome Workout Move

Epic. Workout This Morning! Here is a pic & move from my workout. Front Raise with a front kick (balancing on a bosu ball). 
Please MASTER this on the floor before ever attempting on a bosu ball! 
Tosha Firestone, Freak of Nature FItness, Gym Motivation, Your best Exercise, LIve Fit, No excuses, Bosu ball

Excellent Exercise

Burpee, Your best workout, Live Fit, Fitness Instruction, Just Do it, Freak of Nature

Build a Strong Core

Planks, Ab Exercises, Gym Motivation, Lose Weight, Flat Abs, Get Fit, Your best workout Exercises

Awesome Core Exercise!

Building a strong core should be the foundation of your fitness routine. This is a compound movement that will rock your abs! Try without using a weight first. It is a scissor kick with a chest press. Keep your lower back pressed to the floor and squeeze those abs throughout the entire movement!
Flat Abs, Core Exercises, Tosha Firestone, Lose WEight, Best Workout Moves, Freak of Nature Fitness

Make it Happen Workout for You

Work out ideas, Lose Weight, Build Muscle, Get Fit, Circuit Training, Best Workout Exercises

Exercise For Back Pain!

Don't neglect your back! If you don't have back pain..CONGRATS! Your back is an important part of your core! I do all of these back exercises consistently & often!
Back Pain, Exercises for your Back, Strong Back, Strengthen Back Muscles, Freak of Nature, Pain Free, Lose Weight, Core Exercises

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