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Mindset for Lasting Motivation

The number one question that I am typically asked regardless of the topic…health, parenting, business, relationships, faith etc.. is: 
How do you maintain lasting motivation & balance while consistently producing results? 
I will attempt to explain my mindset…….
The blueprint of a spirit of resilience is found in how you command & train your mind, body, & spirit. 
For me, the work I do in the gym makes all the other stuff possible. My goal is to make it so challenging in the gym that everything that happens outside the gym seems easy. Walk in with confidence. Walk out with results while inserting a subtle background music of "I OWN THIS." I cannot control all things, but I can control myself. My attitude, my actions, my reactions to what life throws at me. This instinctive drive cultivates a relentless state of mind that is fueled by a raw animal instinct not a thought process. A killer instinct. A humble confidence. A Beastmode. An edge. Often referred to as "the zone" Over thinking leads to doubt, leads to procrastination, leads to apathy, leads to compromise. Don't let frustrations and emotions drown your natural ability & confidence. Your confidence fueled by your preparation and watered by the seeds of grace offers an internal trust, a relationship, a permission slip to shine brightly, an instinct that unleashes & recruits greatness. 
Find it. Believe it. Live it!!
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