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Health Benefits of Salmon & My favorite Recipe

Wild caught, Fresh Salmon is an awesome addition to your diet!
One 4oz serving of Salmon has 264.7% of your rec. daily allowance of Vitamin D & 109.6% of your rec. daily allowance of Vitamin B12.
It is a high protein, natural food.
It is high in selenium: Plays an important role in antioxidant production and your immune system, as well as regulation of your thyroid hormones.
It is also high in Omega 3 Fats
Healthy Recipes, Freak of Nature Fitness, Get Fit, Nutrition FactsHealthy Recipes, Freak of Nature Fitness, Get Fit, Nutrition Facts

My favorite way to cook Salmon is on Cedar Planks with fresh lemon slices and Dill.
You can find cedar planks in most seafood sections. You soak them in water for 15-20min to bring out the flavor. Then you place the fish on the planks and cook them on the grill or in the oven
I was never a fan of Salmon until I learned about cooking it on the cedar planks. It really takes away all the fishy taste and gives it nice flavor.
Healthy Recipes, Salmon, Get Fit, Nutrition Facts, Freak of Nature FitnessThere are many different types of salmon. Always look for wild caught as opposed to "farm raised" to avoid contaminants. "Fresh" is always better than previously frozen! I look for when it is on sale at whole foods and other places, because of course the healthier it is, the more they charge. I try to eat salmon once a week.

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