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Inspirational Quotes

Quotes that I have read recently that made me smile:
"Trusting God is knowing Peace"
"Write your troubles in sand and your blessings in stone" 
"Through Him, you will touch heaven & change earth"
"Repent means to turn 180 degrees and walk in the other direction"
"Beauty will turn their heads, but not their hearts"
"When you are happy you enjoy the music, when you are sad you understand the lyrics"
"I swear to you their are divine beings more beautiful than words can tell"
"Even when I hear nothing, I rest in knowing He hears me"
"If you judge this book by its cover you are going to miss out on one great adventure"
"It's the possibility that keeps me going not the guarantee"
"Eventually soul mates meet, for they have the same hiding place"
"Darling, you are a work of art"
"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it's the illusion of knowledge"
"We cannot judge ourselves by our intentions and therefore make excuses for our actions" 
"If things don't seem right turn left"
"I am reminded that my blood type is Be Positive"
"Heaven is a place on earth with you"
"Eternity was in our lips and eyes"
"Sometimes it's to your advantage for people to think you are crazy"
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