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Foods for a Healthy Brain!!

Keep your Brain Healthy
Your brain is very important to say the least! Take care of it! We all know that feeling, especially if you have had children or are getting up there in age, where we become forgetful and have to write everything down or its not going to be remembered!  
Boost your brain health and memory with these foods. 
I also have a supplement suggestion below, if it is something you really struggle with.
Healthy Brain, Get Fit, Wellness, Supplements, Freak of Nature Fitness, MuscleI have taken the supplement VINPOCETINE from time to time for wellness, and to help me with my brain function after having children. 
(If you know what I mean :) )
Please refer to this website for more info & research:
Supplement, Freak of Nature Fitness, Get Healthy, Wellness, Brain, Memory
When taken orally, vinpocetine is easily absorbed131,132 and it can:
  • Improve blood supply to the brain133-138
  • Increase oxygen and glucose use by the brain133,138-140
  • Improve brain tolerance to hypoxic injury141-143
  • Increase vasodilation response to hypoxia144-145
  • Maintain optimal energy of healthy brains132,138-140,146,147
  • Maintain normal coagulation of blood148
  • Maintain healthy levels of some neurotransmitters134,149,150
  • Promote healthy attention, memory and concentration135,151-158

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