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What is wrong with these ingredients?

Learn your Nutrition Labels
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Pictured are two different kinds of cereal. 
On the left is Kelloggs Cocoa Krispies, on the right is Cascadian Farms Organic Chocolate O's.
Hydrogenated oils...never a good decision, artificial flavor..not good, 
Worst ingredient on the left is the toxic chemical BHT. It is also found in jet fuel & rubber. Read this article! It is also in many facial washes and lotions and seeps right into your body through the skin.
On the right, the only "bad" thing is the caramel color. This should be a real concern if you or your child suffer from asthma.  
Cereal is never ideal, because anytime you eat processed foods you will be getting a fair dose of refined sugar amongst other things,  but these chocolate O's are a decent alternative to conventional cereals if you or your kids absolutely need a cereal fix!  
Check your labels and do not eat anything with BHT as the preservative! 

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