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Have Fun with Exercise. Try this!

It is important that you change up your workouts, and to add fun things into your workout programs so that you do not plateau or get bored.  
Here is a video of a fun exercise that I like to do on the bosu ball with a kettle ball. 
Always try anything new on the floor first!! Try doing circles around your waist, then advancing to figure eights with a challenging weight. Add a bosu as you begin to get better. 
Can you do this for a minute?
My 9yr old did the professional filming :) 
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Kettle ball on the bosu Have Fun with Exercise! Get creative and create movements that challenge your mind, body, & balance. This is a video of me balancing on a bosu ball as I do circles around ...

Get Fit, Have Fun, Lose weight, and feel your best by making 
SMALL CHANGES that will give you BIG RESULTS!
 The song you are listening to is one of my new favorite workout songs.

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[LYRICS] Britt Nicole - Amazing Life - Capital Kings Remix (Gold) [HD] {12/13}
Help OUT Britt Nicole and buy the "Gold" album !!Off of Britt Nicole's "Gold" album in stores 3.27.12.God Bless - MarkkinhoPS. in the words of LUKENINE23 **not mine**Just takes 3 seconds t...
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