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Bell Pepper Nutrition

Bell Pepper A Day Keeps the Doctor Away...and with no sugar in comparison to the Apple.

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The color is determined by the level of ripeness. A Green Bell pepper is the least ripe and the most bitter tasting of the different colors. The taste gets more sweet as you change from orange to yellow to red. The vitamin content also increases the longer it stays on the plant to ripen
One cup of red bell pepper has more Vitamin C than a regular size Orange.
High in Fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Beta Carotene, Vitamin K, Manganese, & B6. 
Healthy, Fitness, Get Fit, Nutrition, Nutrition facts, Weight Loss, Increase MetabolismMy kids and I eat a lot of raw bell peppers. I have tried to make it fun at snack times by creating fun pictures with fruits and vegetables. I also like to dip the red bell pepper in guacamole as a healthier alternative to chips.  The bell pepper is a powerhouse of nutrients and supplies the body with innumerable health benefits from increased immunity to improved digestion to promoting weight loss due to its high fiber content and the molecule capsaicin.
On a side note it is definitely recommended to buy organic when possible. It is on the dirty dozen list of high pesticides.  Also, When cooking throw it into stir frys last with the spinach, it will lose nutrients if overcooked. 
Live fit and healthy! Small Changes Big Results.

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