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The Art of Photoshop

Our bodies have incredible potential. When you pay attention to the nutrition facts, have an optimal game plan with your fitness routine, and focus on building muscle and getting adequate protein as well as nutrients in your diet you can sculpt an amazing body! But how amazing? We are all so critical of ourselves because we are constantly exposed to pictures in magazines, "motivational" pictures on facebook, and online in general that frankly are NOT REAL! Take a look at this picture that has been photo shopped!!

99% of all pictures in magazines have been altered in some way. Keep that in mind as you stare in the mirror and wonder why you can't get that six pack to look just like the one you saw in the magazine. They can take a plain stomach and insert a six pack that is not there. Here is a picture that Britney Spears released to the world  to help create awareness!
Please be aware of this nonsense so that you are not robbed of your confidence. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Fight for what you want with health as your main goal! Your beautiful body will follow.


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