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Learn how to exercise! Single Legged Dead Lift!

Single Legged Dead Lift! 

One of my favorite exercises and one of the best workout moves!! 

Leans out the legs and makes them strong. I am demonstrating on a Bosu ball with a 25lb kettleball. This is an advanced move because it also incorporates balance.  Start on the floor and practice it with no weight, then add weight, then add a Bosu with no weight etc etc Stand up holding your abs in tight for one rep... and do the same # of reps on each side. As you get stronger maybe add a press with the kettleball as you stand. Always alternate legs repeat on the other side. 
Adding balance to your exercises takes your fitness to the next level. Achieving a healthy lifestyle, losing weight, building muscle etc... requires you to challenge yourself as well as try new things. Always work up to knew challenges. Please be advised that you must work up to these advanced moves or you will injure yourself!!
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